‘Rename Crowdsourcing’ Project Comes to Merciful End

By Kiran Aditham 

After months of, uh, breathless anticipation, GeniusRocket and 99Designs’ “Rename Crowdsourcing” project has come to a close.

After receiving 450 unique submissions (which we admittedly helped narrow down), the two firms announced that there was one clear winner that emerged from the 1700 votes that were tallied. The winner (which everyone or no one will adhere to) is…”Creative Collaboration.”

In a statement, GeniusRocket president Peter LaMotte says, “Personally, I see the term ‘Creative Collaboration’ as a great selection primarily as a goal of the industry rather than its current state. As discussed on the site, crowdsourcing sites have become more and more collaborative over the years but the Holy Grail remains a fully collaborative creative platform.”

Still, LaMotte admits that “We didn’t find a perfect fit to replace [crowdsourcing],” which he says “will remain as possibly the best and simplest way to define companies like 99designs and GeniusRocket.” So, we’re basically back at square one, though who knows if “creative collaboration” ever takes. At the very least, it was an interesting experiment. See the chart of the top vote-getters by percentage after the jump.

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