Remember That Sex Tape We Leaked? Now it’s a Short Film!

By Matt Van Hoven 

NetFlix Find Your Voice
is a contest for independent film makers bla bla and one of them is based on the Deep Desk Dickin’ 3: Sex In An Advertising Office. You remember the tale &#151 2 horny, maybe tipsy addies get it on while a dude (unbeknownst to the bangers) tapes it on his phone. Then we got it and the rest is short-film history.

We’re half a step away from becoming an internet meme.

For the record someone sent this to us late last week but the site wasn’t letting us see it. So, cred goes to that anon-tipster. One funny thing about the film: they repeatedly show a newspaper called, “Ad Spy”. That’s as close as we’ve ever come to being memorialized.

Deep Desk Dickin’ 3: Sex In An Advertising Office