Reebok Might Make It W/O McGarry Bowen

By SuperSpy 

Lately, Reebok has a great nugget of an idea and then totally fucks it up on the execution. Consider that “Run Easy” campaign from McGarry Bowen – great concept, totally bad output or how about the ScarJo line? Celebrity good. Choice bad. We’re wondering how their latest program is going to go. So far, it looks far better than their most recent efforts.

Reebok’s Freestyle World Tour Collection, created by Everyone Associates, launches this month “inspired by the iconic Freestyle shoe that forever changed the face of women’s fitness.” The collection, apparel and footwear, is going to roll out digital, print and in-store advertising initiatives featuring authentic, aspirational women in six cities – Tokyo, Paris, New Delhi, Madrid, London and New York City. The chosen women are Tokyo’s first NFL cheerleader Ai Yasuda, acclaimed French singer/songwriter Yelle (nice choice!), Indian “Bollywood actress Sagarika Ghatge, who will represent New Delhi, top Spanish model Bimba Bose, DJ Nikki Beatnik for London and Sheetal Sheth for New York. We’ve never heard of her. We live here.

Points for focusing on locality – huge trend for 2008. Points for choosing Yelle. We can’t comment on the rest of the cities, but what’s with Sheetal? Really… Parker Posey, Chloe Sevigny, Leigh from the Misshapes et al. weren’t available?

Hmmm… and where’s the rest of it? Hope there’s more than a associated MySpace page. See the full press release here. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see how inventive the brand really gets. If you’re going to applaud chicks who are individuals and are as creative as hell, then your campaign should match, no?