Redendant Redundancies

By Matt Van Hoven 

Good morning adverati, and welcome to Friday. In just 9 short hours, you’ll be getting your things ready to go home for the weekend. If you’re working from home today, consider yourself lucky. As for the rest of you, try not to spend your entire day working &#151 and be sure to do something pointless.

A reader sent in the above photo this morning. Thanks reader! You know who you are. In case you can’t see it, it’s a newsletter from an advertising recruiter that apparently came by mail. The copy is pretty standard, until you get to the bottom of the page &#151 and the sign out.

Following the contact name, in big letters it says, “OUR WEB SITE ON THE INTERNET”. From the tipster:

“this was a newsletter that came in the mail from an advertising recruiter who may have a website but hasn’t figured out how to use it yet. you’d think all the jobs would be filled by the time a jobs newsletter was printed and carried to your house by the postal service.”

He/She goes on:

“by the way…she writes like a used car salesman!! read some of these postings.

‘This is such an outstanding position ladies and gentlemen — taaaa dahhhh – CRM MANAGER wanted for huge automotive client. 5-7 years experience working in direct marketing. Direct and online program responsibilities. Beautiful Southern California headquarters of international company. You must have experience with database marketing and program management. This position acts as primary contact with partner agencies. (On hold.)’ “

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