Rebounding Was Never So Slutty, Skankerrific

By Matt Van Hoven 

DDB West (Seattle) and Activision are about to part ways. But the shop still wants to do stuff in that ever-mysterious gaming market where most everything is about the white folk despite the fact that all-folk love the virtual space. That’s another tale. Anyway, since Activision is going elsewhere (wouldn’t you like to know where?) DDB has to find another suitor. They’re hoping to find one at the speed-date-athon that is MI6 Conference, which starts today in big bad San Fran.

Um, you guys are total sluts! They even created this whole rebound project Web site where the team talks about how horny they are.

An agency rep wrote us to talk about the shop’s new found sluttiness. “As you can see &#151 our CDs and producers and account planners and even our CEO &#151 we’re all looking for one night stands, cheap thrills, and some get-your-freak-on naughty fun.”

Look, it’s really fun to go whoring it up after you’ve been dumped or whatever, but in the end all your friends (and eventually your parents aka Worldwide) are one by one going to tell you that you have to get your shit together. Stop drinking so dang much, get off the Craigslist M4W, W4W, W4M etc pages and maybe give eHarmony a shot. Or porn; we hear they have it on the inter Webs now.

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