Reader Vitriol: “Did Your Panties Get A Little Wet?”

By SuperSpy 

So we got some reader vitriol today by way of a comment on our Honeyshed competition page.

People send us nasty hate mail all the time. It totally sucks, but we expect it. When you’re out there with the gossip and the editorial and the comments section, well, you’re gonna get some feedback.

Usually, people save it for our email inboxes, but the comment below is so misinformed and just um, vile, (why are we talking about my panties?) we had to share. Clearly, the poster never read any of the blog posts where we trashed poor ol’ Honeyshed. That’s the point of the competition numb nuts.

What’s interesting to us is that this guy actually thinks that shops call us! Sure, we get press releases and sometimes, PR directors will holla back to an email, but hey Matt – how many times has GSD&M hung up on you? Oh shit. How many times has Droga5, Crispin, et al. ignored our emails? Please.

Look if you’re going to send us hate mail, at least, for gawd’s sake, be accurate and check what we wrote, yeah? Also, make sure that you recognize that Hot Ad Wo(Man), Boutique Call, No Wukkas, interviews, minority/women coverage, all that shit? We source and write that content to recognize creatives and agencies that don’t get a lot of love from the ad journos. Ain’t no press release, babe. We do it, because we love advertising and we know how hard it is to get ahead.

Ya fuckin’ asshat. Whew. Okay.

You can see the whole post after the jump.

From TimeToShow’s (who probably got fired from Droga5 or something) two posts:

“Ecko: Partially paid for by Droga.

Tap Project: Paid for by Droga.

Honeyshed: Paid for by Droga. After languishing in abject failure for years.

The Million Program: Paid for by Droga.

They exist on scam ads. While Droga’s BS is about ten million times better for the world than most scam ads, they’re still BS self-productions.

It’ll be nice to see what they do for an actual paying client. Hey agency spy: let’s save the BJ’s untill then, huh?


The Hard Working Creatives Who Actually Work Off Of Briefs For Paying Clients

PS–When the guy or gal at Droga called to tell you that Honeyshed is back up, did your panties get a little wet? DId you rush right to your computer and hack up the first thing that came to mind to justify posting “GO TO HONEYSHED. CHECK IT OUT. TOOL AROUND.”?

I bet you did.

Tell you what. Next time your no-no hole gets greasy because someone from a Buzzy shop calls you up (direct! OMG, he’s got your number!) just hang up and rub one out. I know I think better after rubbing one out.

Then remember you’re ostensibly a sort-of journalist.

Then remember people get pissed off when you suck BuzzShop cock. Because it reminds us how PR makes careers in advertising. Instead of real talent.

Then call them out in a post instead of sucking them off with your eyes open.

You got it in you! I know it!