Razorfish Hong Kong Teams Up With David Sandberg for Asus

By Erik Oster 

Razorfish Hong Kong teamed up with Kung Fury actor/director David Sandberg for an over-the-top campaign promoting the Asus phone’s camera.

Sandberg finds a variety of ways ridiculous to showcase the Asus ZenFone Zoom in the spot, from over-sized heads to ninjas in a jar. It all begins with Sandberg taking a toy T-Rex out of a box. When he uses the ZenFone Zoom on the toy, it becomes life-sized, allowing him to happily ride on the dinosaur’s back. From there the over-the-top antics just keep coming, including a zoom around the world to take a shot directly behind him. The ridiculous stunts are entertaining and, perhaps more importantly, directly tied to a specific product feature (even if it’s not always clear how/why), making for a pretty effective ad. 

“Asus gave me a blank canvas to work with. It’s rare for a client to be so open, and I really appreciate that,” Sandberg said in a statement. “I am sure the end result shows how much fun we had working on this project.” 

“When David said yes to working with us on these concepts, we knew we had the perfect director to showcase the incredible power of the Asus ZenFone Zoom,” Razorfish Hong Kong creative director Christian Teniswood told Adweek. “And just like one of the concepts, the process took us around the world: the idea starting in the Razorfish Hong Kong office, David producing the work in Stockholm and our incredible Asus client guiding us throughout from Taiwan.”