Razorfish Doubles Down on Loyalty and Dinosaurs

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh hey, what has Razorfish been up to lately? Since you asked, this week the sprawling Publicis network released some new creative and a new positioning announcement!

First, this Audi spot is quite a bit different than VB&P’s effort earlier in the week, which focused on a dadbro who likes to drive as fast as he can through Death Valley in search of the finest artisanal coffees.

The T-Rex is a little sad that his tiny arms and scaly skin aren’t quite as frightening as they used to be. And now we hear pretty much all dinosaurs had feathers, too! Nothing is ever what it seems. It sort of reminds us of the scene in the Sopranos where the aging gangster tries to enjoy walking through Little Italy and suddenly he’s in Chinatown. Brutal.

Plus, also, additionally: piloted cars! They’re so easy even a dinosaur could drive them.

This one was created by Razorfish and directed by Stephan Wever of Stink; Germany’s Sehsucht handled the Spielberg effects. And we’re just gonna say that it was not quite like the sort of work we have come to expect from Razorfish.

In other Razorfish news, yesterday the network announced the launch of a new engagement-based loyalty offering. What does that mean?

Well, it’s “a new way for clients to identify, implement and optimize meaningful interactions that create customer engagement across the post-purchase buyer journey.”

Let’s try that again:

“Built on a unique, insights-driven methodology, the Loyalty offering is centered around three core solutions of Customer Engagement Strategy, Loyalty Marketing and Engagement Ecosystem that span Market Assessment, Customer and Insights Strategy, Lifecycle Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Channel Management, 360 Customer View, Advanced Personalization, Ecosystem Implementation, and more. The offering strategy and framework will be led by David Worth, Razorfish.”

We are still a bit too slow to get it. But the release tells us that this new offering channels “Rosetta’s deep heritage in customer consulting and customer engagement,” and any rumors you may have heard about other structural changes within the two (now one) Publicis organizations were just that.

Anyway, the ad was good.