Raw And Uncut: Glum News From The Agencies

By SuperSpy 

We’ve gotten so much cringe worthy news today that we thought one post of bad news might be the best thing to do. These are all tips from our inbox raw and uncut. Hey. Read it if you want or keep your chin up and scroll down to other entries. Alright? Ready?

1. Peter Vega, Director of Print Operations, is being let go from David and Goliath.


2. 19 people were laid off from RPA

3. Sapient is desperately looking to keep Citibank – employees on the account are being shuffled or laid off.

4. WPP’s VML’s laid off 15% – – another round is coming as well…

5. PHD new york just let go of half the people working on discovery communications. maybe it’s a good idea. after all, discovery is in review.

6. Rapp is planning to announce serious layoffs just in time for the holiday on Monday as one of their largest accounts is about to leave…

7. A friend of mine just got canned from design works, BBDO.

To everyone, we feel you. So sorry.

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