Punching it Up: A Spy ‘Writes’ for Dell

By Matt Van Hoven 

One of our friendly neighborhood spies noticed this ad on the back of a Forbes magazine. Well, not exactly this ad (said spy punched up the copy a bit). We’d heard that Enfatico Austin, which we’ve been talking about a lot this week (here and here and here) has been putting together some work in that little office they’re crammed into while their new digs are being renovated a few floors up.

So I guess it’s true, print work is being produced. Now if only we could get our hands on the interactive (not to worry, that’s on our to-do list).

Anyway, the copy in the original ad read, “99(percent) of the Fortune 500 run Dell.” In our opinion, that doesn’t quite sum up the situation. Our spy didn’t think so either. Check out the above image for his punch-up.

As long as we’re on the subject, we thought we’d introduce a new category. We’re calling it “Punch it Up.” Basically it goes like this; if you, oh fine addies, see a billboard, poster, print ad or anything you can take a picture of that has copy you think could use punching up, send us an image of the original and the changes you’d like to see made. We’ll do our best to publish your ideas &#151 as long as we like them. Let the games begin.

See the original ad after the jump.