Publicis Takes the Awkward Approach to Automobiles

By Michael Musco 

Oh boy. Talk about an awkward situation. This spot was done by Publicis Frankfurt/Publicis Conseil, Germany, for the Renault Clio RS.

It’s nice to see a piece for an automobile that’s not all about the car itself. Usually it’s all about the MPG, torque, 350 horse twin turbo engine or some radical new feature.


Awkward situations are funny and relatable to consumers. Well, maybe not that this specific situation hits close to home for you, though, the scenario in this spot is totally plausible and has probably happened to someone. This poor guy. He was just feeling the music and I bet some of you will have The Cranberries’ 1994 radio staple “Zombie” stuck in your heads, singing it out loud until someone else says, “You saw that commercial with the dude in his car singing, being all stupid to that guy and it wound up being his girlfriend’s dad.” Just wait and see.

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