PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon: Unfiltered, Unsubsidized, Unctuous

By Matt Van Hoven 

PSFK’s announced their upcoming Good Ideas Salon, an event consisting of panels by industry thinkers, practitioners et al. One we’re particularly interested in will include some ad-pros you might know (details below).

The first panel is to be moderated by George Parker of AdScam, who a few weeks back posted a call-out for someone to host a panel of seasoned ad-folk:

“I will issue a challenge to AdAge, AdWeek and psfk… There’s fuck all else out there worth reading… To host an evening with a bunch of gnarly old fucktards who will discuss how fucked up the business has become… And might… Just might, have some insights on how we can correct the ultimate demise of what used to be a great, fun filled, drink your brains out, smoke ’til your lungs turn to leather, and shag yourself silly business. I shall be contacting Jonah (Bloom, AdAge Editor), Alison (Fahey, Adweek Publisher) and Piers (Fawkes, PSFK Editor) to see who will win the ultimate cage match to promote this event. Stay tuned.”

PSFK won. Er, George did. The thing costs $45, which might seem a bit high. Says Fawkes in response to detractors on AdScam,

“yeah &#151 $45 because (a) these things cost to put together and in 2009 there is no sponsorship money to be had to subsidize events and (b) it creates a perception of value in the mind of the audience and (c) it means that an audience who can afford it comes. And I’m sorry if (c) sounds rather elitist &#151 but I want an audience of change makers at my events. There are enough free events in the city where nothing gets done by the people who attend.”

There’s a rather spirited discussion going on about the issue over on AdScam. On what has been an otherwise quiet day, it’s worth giving a read. Hopefully, this lot can figure out how to save the business. See you for drinks after.

Panel 1
&#151 Tom Messener, Bonaccolta Messner
&#151 Curvin O’Reilly
&#151 Helayne Spivak, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Consumer Health+Wellness
&#151 George Parker of AdScam will moderate

Panel 2
&#151 Alain Sylvain, Managing Director, RedScout
&#151 Domenico Vitale, Founder, PIC
&#151 Gill Linton, Founder, The Joneses

Details: 9am to 11am, Soho House NY, August 20; Tickets