PSFK’s Good Brands 2010 Report

By Matt Van Hoven 

PSFK released their annual good brands report, this year highlighting a range of companies from tech to, well mostly tech but also a shoe brand (that occasionally does techy stuff).

The report seeks to point out the “good” brands talked about on PSFK’s blog: “We started our search for the Good Brands of 2010 by looking at the companies we were writing about on over the last six months. We then asked a panel of cross-industry global experts from the Purple List to tell us which of the common brands on PSFK were considered ‘Good’.”

Apparently last year’s was downloaded 10,000 times &#151 not bad for an industry blog report. We have the winners after the jump, but the full explanation is in the PDF.

Click here for the PDF.

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10. Nintendo

10. Nintendo

9. FourSquare

8. Twitter

7. Nike

6. Ikea

5. Ace Hotel

4. MIT

3. Jamie Oliver

2. Apple

1. Google