Proximity BBDO Nabs 50 Million Pound Challenge

By Matt Van Hoven 

Proximity BBDO has, following an RFP from State Farm, won their business for the $50 Million Lb. Challenge &#151 a contest that aims to reduce obesity in the US.

The “Challenge” is sponsored by State Farm, a client that calls Tribal DDB Chicago home. We reached out to the agency to ask if the State Farm, which is not represented on their Web site (unless we just suck at looking), is moving on. Patently untrue, we’re told, SF is still with TDDB.

Fine fine. A State Farm representative was unable to track down the info we needed ie a “yes” or “no” as to whether or not they’re looking for another agency. More on that tomorrow.

An interesting note though, is that AdAge wrote a story that begins like this (we don’t have a subscription, so who knows what else is there), “State Farm is reassessing how it compensates its advertising and marketing-services agencies. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the insurer is looking to slash fees; adopt the sort of value-based model lately championed by Coke; or simply to bring its practices closer in line with contemporary norms. …” That was published July 1, 2009.

And then back in October 2007 we wrote, “Speculation is rampant that State Farm is about to go into review. Meanwhile, DDB said that the insurance company knew all about the personnel changes and that the account is safe. Hmm…” That was in response to the departures of Rick Korzeniowski Dave Kessler, the top execs on the account at the time.

It’s all confusing for now but we will have more for you on this tomorrow.

CORRECTION: The headline earlier read, “Proximity BBDO Nabs $50 Million Pound Challenge”. We’re talking lbs. not British currency and a misplaced dollar sign. If your comment disappeared, it’s due to the headline correction.

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