Proximity BBDO Adopts 12 Grads to Run Analagous “Agency”

By Kiran Aditham 

Proximity BBDO in Belgium will be kicking off an experiment on August 7th dubbed The Farm in which twelve handpicked advertising, design and multimedia grads from various Belgian schools will be running an “agency” parallel to Proximity’s existing departments.

Before they get too excited, though, hopefully the kids know that The Farm is actually a 3-week program filled with workshops that will school them on interactive marketing and hopefully land a lucky few a j-o-b in the BBDO network.

The grads, who’ll shack up in a mansion outside of Brussels and blog about their experience, will be split up into two account execs, two strategic planners, two copywriters, four art directors and two web/graphic designers. Find out what happens when agency neophytes stop being polite and start getting REAL.

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