Proximity ACD Plays Tough, Yet Inventive Interactive Judge

By Michael Musco Comment

Applied Arts (guess you could compare it to Archive in the states) bills itself as Canada’s most prestigious visual communications awards annual, so as a result, everyone up north is apparently clamoring to get in the book.

Well, Ari Elkouby, an ACD at Proximity Canada who just so happened to be on the 2010 Applied Arts Interactive jury, wanted to show people how hard it is to get into the annual by turning a normally dull, conventional awards show tradition into a full-on interactive experience. Elkouby’s idea? Nix the normal judge’s headshot and instead use image recognition technology to direct readers of Applied Arts to an AR experience dubbed “Many were called. Few were chosen.”

Readers of AA‘s March/April issue are directed to a website where they then can turn to page 70, hold it up to their webcam and follow the directions to see Elkouby’s vision, which was helped brought to fruition by his Proximity team, 3D artist Andrei Serghiuta and the team at Commix.