Pringles Brings the Party to You

By Bob Marshall 

It’s Friday night. You and three of your friends are broke, out of booze and drugs and have only an Internet connection to occupy you. What’s the first word that comes to mind? Pringles (of course).

“Pringles Home Party” is a new digital effort from Grey Argentina, G2 and Fahrenheit 451 that seeks to associate Pringles with virtual raves that take place in your apartment. Through logging onto the microsite through Facebook, four people can have access to exclusive tracks from 12 of the world’s biggest DJs (all of which you’ve more than likely never heard of). Then, while you and your friends are dancing to tracks from people like Deep Mariano Feat. L O´Clock (see?), your laptop will take photos of you, which you can post to Facebook under an album probably named “Popping, no Stopping.” As Grey Argentina CD Diego Rubio puts it, “Our consumers are digital natives. They live, develop and relate to each other on Internet, and so they expect brands to know how to speak to them with their codes. This was central to us when we carried out the latest digital actions, which were designed to show that this was a digital native brand.”

Meanwhile, over in Europe, Pringles is rocking out in a whole different way via your iPhone. Home party credits after the jump.

General Manager: Santiago Puiggari
Creative General Director: Pablo Gil / Sebastian Garin
Creative Director: Diego Rubio / Coco Olivera
Digital Creative Director: Christian Krikorian
Art Director: Matias Fernandez
Sr. Copywriter: Estefanía Martinez
Sr. Web Designer: Gaston Rhiner
Sr. Web Copywriter: Ary Sterzovsky
Production Manager: Juan Carlos Barrios
Production: Pablo Molina
General Account Director: Montserrat Villafañe Molina
Video Production: Flamboyant Paradise
Director: Javier Laurenco
Flash Programming: Revolution Media