Preacher Launches Holiday Campaign for Crate and Barrel Way Too Early

By Erik Oster 

Austin creative agency Preacher launched a holiday campaign for Crate and Barrel starring¬†Reese Witherspoon and we’re sorry, but it’s just way too fucking early for us to be thinking about the holidays. At least let us have Halloween first.

To be clear, we get that the timing of the campaign was likely directed by the client and not the independent agency, but we digress.

At any rate, there’s a 30-second spot in which Witherspoon addresses the viewer as her “soon to be bestie.”

“I know what you’re thinking,” she says at the start of the ad, while placing a present under a prematurely set-up Christmas tree.

We’re thinking that someone decorating their home for the holidays in the middle of October is legitimately frightening and cause for concern. Are you okay, Reese?

At any rate, apparently she bought you the same wine decanter that she bought herself, and may have thrown in a platter as well. Thank you?

The ad concludes with the tagline “Love what you give,” suggesting that if you give good gifts you’ll get better ones in return.

Perhaps it would come across as an appealing way to show off Crate and Barrel’s range of gift-worthy items had it arrived, say, a month from now. But then what do we know? Maybe the data shows that Crate and Barrel is popular with the elusive “completes holiday shopping well before Thanksgiving”¬†demographic and the timing is just perfect.

While the spot went live this week, the brand apparently¬†released the social component, featuring a series of “Reese Reacts” videos, even more prematurely, rolling it out last weekend. The series features the actress sharing some of her favorite gift receiving reactions, so that you can be better prepared when the holidays roll around two months from now. The brand ambassador also curated a shoppable list of her favorite holiday gifts.
At least we now know where Reese likes to store her favorite pretzels.