PP+K Celebrates ‘Courage Under Fire’ for Bright House Networks

By Erik Oster 

Tampa agency PP+K launched a new campaign for cable and Internet provider Bright House Networks entitled “Courage Under Fire.”

A 60-second broadcast spot follows the story of a firefighter with a fear of public speaking. Asked to get up and say something in front of a group of his peers, he balks. Later we see him reading about public speaking, watching videos online and practicing in the mirror. At the conclusion of the spot, it’s revealed what he’s been preparing for the whole time.

That even those we typically think of as fearless have to work up the courage to defeat their own phobias is kind of a nice sentiment, even if the reveal, that he’s preparing for Career Day at his daughter’s school, isn’t much of a surprise. The ad marks something of a departure from the agency’s spots for the brand last year. Those efforts took a more humorous approach, while also highlighting specific Bright House features. Instead, the ad’s emotional approach is reminiscent of the 2014 effort “First Dance.”

“Everyone is afraid of something. Even those who we symbolically view as pillars of strength and courage,” explained PP+K creative director Paul Prato. “Overcoming anxiety is a simple premise that is rife with storytelling promise. It was interesting to us that the prevalence of technology at our fingertips gives us more tools to help us overcome some of these fears.”

Agency: PP+K
Executive Creative Director: Tom Kenney
Creative Director: Paul Prato
Assoc. Creative Director/Writer: Nick McMurdy
Sr. Art Director: Christy Beegle
Executive Producer: Christine Allen
Director: Natalie Rae Robison
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
Account Supervisor: Kyle Matos
Editor/Executive Director of Broadcast Production: Chanse Chanthalansy
Editor: Melissa Reichert
Original Score: Mark Sunderland
Visual Effects Artist: San Nguyen
Audio Engineer: Roger Hughes

Client: Bright House Networks
Senior Director of Marketing: Anthony Macchia
Director of Creative Production: Justin Glorieux