Pot Noodles, The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

By Michael Musco 

Take all of the Chrismas cliches, pack them in your hands nice and tight just like a snowball, throw it at the TV and you’ve got yourself this latest spot from AKQA for Pot Noodle’s, “The Noodle Van is here” campaign. The nation becomes enchanted by the arrival of a boldly lit Pot Noodle van which delivers a four-minute ‘Pot Noeldle’(that’s not a typo) Christmas dinner to a cozy British family home.

As the Noodle van soars through town streets, people can’t help but stop their activities and get in to the festive spirit of things. Yep, that’s just what us folks are looking for. Presents – Overrated. Traditional Christmas feast? Why who needs that when you can enjoy a delish cup of noodles. Really? Sorry guys. We know where you were trying to go but..no.


The shop’s marketing manager, Tom Denyard, says in a statement, “In our own unmistakable style we are championing Pot Noeldle this Christmas and putting the 4 minute wonder at the heart of the British family home. ‘The Noodle Van is here’ shows that Christmas isn’t really about the perfection that big brands sell to us each year, it is about getting together, having fun and eliminating festive stresses where possible!”

Nice try, but no cigar.