Post Dell Knell: Foreclose On EuroRSCG Andy Bennett, Mary Perhach And Bruce Haynes

By SuperSpy 

Andrew Bennett, CEO Euro RSCG New York, Mary Perhach, Chief Communications Officer and Bruce Haynes of NMPA, National Media have decided to say a few words about the bailout in the form of a press release. Read it here. It’s one of those things that at first, makes you chuckle, then makes leaves you slack jawed, eyes wide.

The threesome have decided to comment on the decision to stop calling the financial a bailout and rebranding it as rescue instead. It isn’t working, by the way. Reporters are getting in their digs and are now using “bailout/rescue.”

Weird that this release comes now. The name change has already taken place, so why are they talking about it posthumously? If they had released this little diatribe before the switch, everyone would be clapping then on the back saying, “Good job Andy and Mar-Mar! Jolly oh, Bruce!”

But, now? Dudes. You’re too late. Every major newspaper from Kansas to Los Angeles has covered the rebranding with experts, politicians, weighing in. This was just a little navel gazing exercise for you guys, huh? A little press push perhaps?

It gets a little more complicated later on in the 600 word “open letter.” Exhibit A: “What if this had been called a “rescue” from the beginning? Or the “Save our Homes Act”? Supporting a “rescue”

is a bear of an entirely different species. It is not only a redemptive act, restoring things to their rightful order – it is heroic.”

Andy, Brucey, Mar-Mar, babies… for fuck’s sake. That statement makes you look sooooo bad. You sound like wealthy fat cats, cigars hanging from mouths who have lost sight of the struggle taking place on the ground for citizens. Forget whether or not one is for or against the bail out – cash, rules everything around you, clearly.

It’s also just stupid. “Save Our Homes Act?” Maybe you three are confused? The closest thing to Americans literally getting cash money to help with their foreclosures is through HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Act, which went into action in late September and is part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, which was passed in July. The bailout is something else entirely (that may come to include raise federal insurance and extending unemployment in this 2nd iteration) and no one, not even the least plugged in American, would buy the federal bailout as a “Save Our Homes Act.” You can’t possibly be deluded into thinking it would ever fly. Not two days ago and not now. By the grace of the ECDs goes EuroRSCG cuz Benny is clueless.

There are plenty of more “exhibits:” like when they say that the bailout should have received a new name earlier. Okay, fine. That last part makes sense, but then they cite this example: “how can you be against something called The Patriot Act?”

Dear gawd! First of all there were plenty of regular people AGAINST the Patriot Act and lots of politicians who felt similarly, but who lost their nads in the face of the timing and yes, the name. However, those kind of political games are NOT good politics. They are divisive and ultimately, manage to divest Americans of the government they deserve. By the way, lots of points in the Patriot Act turned out to be abused or just down right unlawful. As advertising execs, do you really want to even align your brand and more simply, evoke the idea of black hole policies?

With advertising comes great responsibility. National Media’s slug is “With Integrity and Efficiency.” Bullshit. I’ve come to the conclusion that EuroRSCG is run with integrity despite the Benny/Mary combo and that any brand looking to market themselves to Americans should not sign up with either of these two agencies. They don’t know shit about the American public. They just know about trickery and as we all know, that only boost brands in the short run. Transparency is the new law. Actual concern for people and the environment around them is King.

“Savvy and wise marketers are paying close attention to this emerging trend and exploring new ways to align their brands with consumer values. From Hybrid cars to Free Trade Coffee, consumers are sending a message that they aren’t just buying products, they are “voting” for the products that advance their world view.

You guys say it yourselves. Listen to your own words.