Portal A Launches Official Music Video for Pitch Perfect 2

By Erik Oster 

To build anticipation for the upcoming May 15th release of Pitch Perfect 2, last week Portal A (who recently worked with Vlad Divac for Waze) launched “Crazy Youngsters,” the international official music video for the movie.

Based around the idea of bringing together fans from around the world with cast members, the video was shot in Berlin, London and Los Angeles, and, in addition to cast members and fans, includes over twenty top YouTube vloggers, Vine creators and other people it makes us feel old not to recognize. All of these people spontaneously start dancing and singing along to the track, beginning individually and culminating in large ensemble scenes.

“Our video is centered around the idea that people around the world – stars of the movie, online influencers, and fans of Pitch Perfect – are hearing “Crazy Youngsters” for the very first time,” explained Kai Hasson, Portal A co-founder and creative director. “As the song builds, people begin to dance, and impromptu parties break out around the world. We wanted the video to have this feeling that something special was happening simultaneously.”