Pornhub Can Barely Contain Excitement for TwerkingButt

By Erik Oster 

Pornhub is really excited about its new product innovation, the TwerkingButt. The collaboration with adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales (which we’re relatively sure is not just an elaborate hoax) is backed by Cyberskin technology (which warms to body temperature) and features “multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibration, and simulated body heat.”

The device is controlled via an accompanying remote, or with a smartphone app, and also includes virtual reality goggles and 3-D content. On the TwerkingButt website, Pornhub promises “the ultimate in cyber passion” while daring users to live out their wildest (wet) dreams. An accompanying video takes a lighthearted approach, presenting the “top secret program” that led to the development of the “revolutionary new product,” which mostly consists of goggle-wearing men and women in lab coats “working around the clock” watching live models twerk…and a lot of celebratory butt slapping. But all that twerking won’t come cheap; the Twerking Butt is being released in two versions, the $699 Classic and $999 Deluxe.

“We can barely contain our excitement for the new TwerkingButt,” Pornhub vice president Corey Price told Adweek. “I think we can honestly say that the release of our new product will mark a new benchmark in the convergence of emerging technology and immersive pleasure to deliver one of the most lifelike sexual simulation experiences on the market today.”