Popchips and Dandelion Feel Awkward Together

By Patrick Coffee 

You’ve almost certainly heard of baked-not-fried popchips in the past thanks to their ubiquity on shelves and the hard work of famous people like Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry.

Yet the company wants to expand — and today it launches its first nationwide TV campaign, produced by its in-house team with the creative assistance of production-company-turned agency Dandelion and its lead creative, Kirt Gunn.

Here’s the first spot in the “popchips Way” campaign:

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But first, some background.

The plans for this new campaign came, in part, from the minds of new popchips CEO Paul Davis (previously president of Starbucks and Frito-Lay’s North American operations) and CMO Marc Sequin (previously CMO at Wonderful Pistachio). From the press release:

“popchips is bringing all campaign and agency work in house at popchips and with Dandelion – buying, creative, casting, web site etc.

For its first ever national TV campaign, popchips is using veteran comedy writers (from 30 Rock, The Office and SNL) and improvisational actors from famous improv groups to bring its fun, irreverent, and cheeky brand personality to life.”

In that vein…

One more:

In case you didn’t notice the NBC lineup mentioned in the release, popchip’s ads will only run on that network’s prime-time shows until early November.

The client’s PR firm tells us that the only creative credit for this $15MM campaign belongs to Gunn, whose “boutique interactive agency” Kirt Gunn & Associates was acquired by Epoch Films in 2008 to create Dandelion.

(Note: Kirt Gunn & Associates is not currently affiliated with Epoch.)