Pointless Press Releases: Boomer Advertising

By SuperSpy 

Boomer Advertising Welcomes Fall 2008 Intern

NEW BERN, NC — Heather Swedberg is selected as the Boomer Advertising agency Intern for fall 2008.

Ms. Swedberg comes to Boomer Advertising from Gainesville, Florida, where she is a junior advertising student at the University of Florida. Her course of study has included courses in marketing, writing for mass- & tele-communications, principles of graphic & design-“

Blah, blah, blah. Seriously. Press releases like this are my pet peeve. This is just too much. Way too much. Who is this for? The clients? Don’t think so. For the press? Does major media or hell, an ad blog care about your interns? Unless it’s like, Pink or something, spare us okay?

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