Pics & Video From the Ad Agencies in Action Launch Party

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last night, Cossette New York hosted the launch party of AIA, Ad Agencies in Action &#151 a group of committed advertisers who are banding together to help end hunger in New York. We hung out for a bit, snapping photos and taking video of the nice people drinking their drinks. Happily, we were recognized. Sadly, it was because of our stache. Ah well, it was all good. Now get out there and volunteer!

Oh and be sure to watch the first video if you like beatboxing &#151 Adam Matta, who you can learn about here, laid it down to get the group riled up before Joel Berg, the dynamic executive director of New York City Coalition Against Hunger gave a rousing speech about becoming active fighters against the hunger that 1.3 million New Yorkers deal with every day.

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AIA Posters Around New York