Philanthropy: Ad Guys Need 5 More Riders for AIDS Fundraiser

By Matt Van Hoven 

Shawn Webster and Keith Gibson are San Francisco based (Update: Shawn’s in Atlanta) guys who have put together a team of bike riders to participate in the AidsLifeCycle Ride to End Aids, which we’ve told you about late last year.

The Red Pencils is a team of advertising pros who just like to ride, Webster told us over the phone yesterday. So if you’re interested, you needn’t worry about being fast. It’s a leisurely journey.


Registration for the San Francisco to Los Angeles ride ends Sunday,
January 24 (two days!) and the guys are hoping to recruit five more riders. They’ve nabbed 15 ad folks for the six-day ride, but need five more. They promise to do the brunt of the heavy lifting for fund-raising (each rider needs to bring in $3k), and are hoping the ad world’s deep pockets will open up in support of this worthwhile cause. The folks below, and their agencies, should be proud to be part of the event, and are hopefully giving the riders paid time off.

Big-ups to Goodby and Cramer-Krasselt for representing.

&#151 Annie Krambuhl: Graphic Designer, Dapper, San Francisco
&#151 Charlie McQuilkin: Group Creative Director, Y&R, San Francisco
&#151 Chris Ryan: Copywriter, Razorfish, San Francisco
&#151 Christopher Buhrman: Creative Director, Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee
&#151 Christopher Wood: Creative Director, LuckyFish, Atlanta
&#151 Keith Gibson: Art Director, Freelance, San Francisco
&#151 Ken Fisher: Doc Film Maker, ex-Goodby, San Francisco
&#151 Kenny White: Goodby, San Francisco
&#151 Lucian McAfee: Creative Manager, Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee
&#151 Mark Estes: Photographer, Freelance, San Francisco
&#151 Matt Herman: Goodby, San Francisco
&#151 Michelle Kelly: Communications Strategist, Goodby, San Francisco
&#151 Renee Fisher: Accounts Operations Manager, Goodby, San Francisco
&#151 Ricardo Lopez: Facilities Manager, Goodby, San Francisco
&#151 Vance Jacobs: Photographer, Freelance, San Francisco

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