Phenomenon Introduces Wilson’s Connected Football With ‘Legends’

By Erik Oster 

Los Angeles Phenomenon launched a new spot for Wilson, promoting the sports gear brand’s new “smart” Bluetooth connected football. When synced with the accompanying app, the pigskin allows its users to run professional routes and provides details such as velocity, spin rate, distance and whether the ball was caught or dropped. We imagine that last one could even help players avoid some backyard disputes.

The features are demonstrated via a scene of a group of guys pretending to be the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks while playing a pickup game in a remote field. An announcer delivers the play by play as they face off using the features of the connected ball. The spot concludes with the tagline, “The Stadium is Everywhere.” 

While undoubtedly on the cheesy side, the spot shows several of the Bluetooth connected football’s features in a seamless way. It also both stars, and should appeal to, its target demographic. The effort follows on the heels of Phenomenon’s recent spot promoting the Roger Federer co-designed Pro Staff RF 97 racket. According to Adweek, the agency’s “The Stadium is Everywhere” campaign will continue to unfold during the NFL season, with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson making an appearance in a future spot.