PETA Pokes Fun at Ongoing SeaWorld PR Campaign

By Kiran Aditham 

PETAseaIn the three months since SeaWorld went on damage control with a PR campaign in the wake of the scathing 2013 whale documentary Blackfish, the theme park’s spin has been met with backlash, derision and social media failure. Still, it’s apparently never too late to twist the knife– as this latest entry from dedicated opponent PETA proves.

The video was created by PETA’s in-house team.

This clip and the campaign site “SeaWorld of Hurt” aim to tear down¬†everything the beleaguered brand wants to convey as it struggles to regain market share.

Who better then to be blunt about the matter than an “orca masturbator” and a “fish doctor and stuff,” who add an Onion-like touch to PETA’s cause? Regarding this effort, the advocacy org’s executive vice president Tracy Reiman says:

“Strip away the sheen, and SeaWorld’s newest attempt to prop up its failing brand crumbles to dust. PETA’s ad makes it clear that the best thing caring people can do is steer clear of SeaWorld’s cruel parks until the animals it holds captive are no longer forced to spend their lives in tiny tanks.”

If you need more info, you can go to PETA’s dedicated “SeaWorld of Hurt” site here.

Also: while FCB does work for SeaWorld and will reportedly be involved in the client’s coming TV campaign, we could not get any agency to take credit for the water park’s own “just the facts” efforts, which launched online in March.