Pereira & O’Dell Tackles Friendship, Rumors for Coca Cola Latin America

By Erik Oster 

Pereira & O’Dell released two online spots as part of its campaign for Coca-Cola Latin America dealing with issues of friendship, dating, rumors and embarrassment among teens.

The two lengthy online ads (a third has yet to be released) tackle easily relatable issues for teens in an effort to show that sharing a moment can lead to understanding. In “The Rumor,” a girl breaks up with her boyfriend on the last day of summer and then calls in sick for the first day of school. While she’s absent, a scandalous rumor spreads like wildfire and she and her friend wonder how to handle it. The teen melodrama is more watchable than you might expect, even if its story could have been told with more economy (the run time approaches seven minutes). It ends with Pereira & O’Dell’s symbol of friendship for the brand’s campaign: the fistbump. The similarly moralistic “Something Unexpected” examines dating and embarrassment in a high school setting. A 60-second broadcast spot for the campaign, meanwhile, features One Direction.


Client: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Latin America
IMC Director LATAM: Marta Fontcuberta
IMC Director: Ismael Pascual
Content Excellence Director: Diego Bracamontes
Coca–Cola IMC Sr. Manager: Eduardo Ruiz
Coca–Cola IMC Manager: Layla del Razo
Coca–Cola IMC Jr. Manager: Adriana Sahagun

Coca-Cola Design Team
Global Design Director: Rapha Abreu
Vice President Design: James Sommerville
Senior Global Design Director: Tom Farrel
Global Design Project Manager: Craig Stroud
Global Designer: Chrsitine M Lee
Global Designer: Megan Libby
Sr. Design Manager: Aidee Rodriguez

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
Chief Creative Officer: P.J. Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Robinson
Creative Directors: Rob Lambrechts, Rafael Rizuto
Senior Art Director: Luke Acret
Senior Copywriter: Omid Amid
Senior Designer: Moses Kelany
Chief Strategy Officer: Ana Cortat
Strategist: Sara Lezama
Senior Film Producer: Victoria Whitlow
Co-Director, Client Services: Henry Arlander
Account Director: Mona Gonzalez
Account Executive: Rose Valderrama
Trailer, Interactive Editor: Collin Kriner
Vice President, Distribution: Josh Brandau
Project Manager: Lauren Parker
Business Affairs Director: Russ Nadler

Visual Effects: Laundry!
Editing: Umlaut Films
Editor: Alex Rodríguez
Poster Designer: Erik Buckham
Illustrator, Retoucher: Adhemas Batista
Theme Music: One Direction, “Clouds”

Music Supervisor: Aminé Ramer
Original Score Composer: Grayson Sanders for Music Dealers