Pereira & O’Dell Shows the Power of Skype with ‘Stay Together’

By Jordan Teicher 

The onion alert is in full effect. Skype has been promoting their global capabilities with a “Stay Together” campaign produced by Pereira & O’Dell, and the fourth video in the series, “The Born Friends Family Portrait,” is a smart showcase of the program’s utility. Two girls, Sarah from Indiana and Paige from Auckland, were both born without fully developed left arms and formed a long distance friendship over the years. Sarah and Paige are now teenagers, and as you can see in the accompanying clip, finally met in-person. It’s touching and respectfully filmed.

The three prior videos cover similar stories – a father talking to his family still in Africa, a zookeeper in America keeping tabs on an animal family in Australia, and a two young cousins (common theme) closing the gap between Brazil and America. We should probably expect more tearjerkers from Skype, because these are the kind of tales that sell themselves. No misdirection or exploitation, just a documentary setup that has the right kind of appeal. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer – PJ Pereira

Executive Creative Director – Jaime Robinson

Creative Director – Jonathan Woytek

Senior Art Director – Tim Delger

Senior Copywriter – Katie Brinkworth

VP, Client Services – Gary Theut

Account Director – Ivy Truong

Account Supervisor – Ali Forgeron

Account Executive – Michael Reardon

VP, Strategy – Nick Chapman

VP, Media Strategy – Joshua Brandau

Strategy Director – Justin Cox

Associate Strategy Director – Jasmine Summerset

Media Strategist – Liz Wood

VP, Production – Jeff Ferro

Senior Integrated Producer – Victoria Whitlow

Senior Broadcast Producer – Elisa Moore

Senior Integrated Producer – Erin Davis

Print Producer – James Sablan

Filming was shot by directors Peking (Gregory Mitnick and Nat Livingston Johnson) via Station Film with executive producer Caroline Gibney and producer Sarah McMurray.

Photographer/Artist: John Clang

Editor Jessica Congdon at Umlaut Films with assistant editors Peter Geiger and Michael Pavoni, colorist Ivan Miller, executive producer Gina Locurio and producer Kelly Gibbs.