Pereira & O’Dell Asks, ‘Where in the World is Mike Cory?’ for Skype

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco-based shop Pereira & O’Dell switch gears from their tearjerking “Stay Together” campaign with their latest spot for Skype, “Rerouted: A Skype Travel Challenge.”

For the spot, Pereira & O’Dell chose a travel blogger, Mike Cory, who they gave the impression was recruited for a travel blog. Instead, on November 12th, they dropped him off at Instanbul without a clue as to where his next destination will be. To get home, he will be given a series of clues that he must piece together along with a Skype audience. His goal is to be home for Thanksgiving in an attempt to fulfill a lame “Turkey to Turkey Day” pun. Mike is powered only by Surface Pro 2, Windows 8.1, Skype, and the help of his audience. Without an engaged audience Mike could, presumably (but come on, not really), end up lost somewhere. It’s an interesting approach that should appeal to geography buffs the world over. Think of it like a real-life “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego,” but without all the stolen cultural artifacts and punily-named villains.

If you’d like to become part of the “Rerouted” experience, you follow Mikes progress at @SkypeMoments or Skype him directly at mike.corey8. Check out the official rules at and help Mike crack the clues via Skype, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag  #reroutedclue. Credits after the jump.


Lead Agency: Pereira & O’Dell

Chief Creative Officer – PJ Pereira
Executive Creative Director – Jaime Robinson
Creative Director – Jonathan Woytek
Art Director – Chris Fairchild
Copywriter – Chris Baker

Designer – Leila Moussaoui
VP, Client Services – Gary Theut
Account Director – Ivy Truong
Account Supervisor – Ali Forgeron
Account Executive – Michael Reardon
VP, Strategy – Nick Chapman
VP, Media Strategy – Joshua Brandau

Senior Strategist – Janene Lin
Strategy Director – Justin Cox
Associate Strategy Director – Jasmine Summerset
Media Strategist – Liz Wood

Associate Media Strategist: Katie McKinley
VP, Production – Jeff Ferro
Senior Integrated Producer – Kelsie Van Deman
Interactive Producer – Kathy Zembera

Director of Business Affairs – Kallie Halbach

Business Affairs Manager – Jaime Szefc 

Social Agency: 1000heads

Account Director: Roxanne Rahimi

Senior Community Executive: Tom Hall

Relationships Manager: Emily Todd


Production Company: Minivegas

Director: Luc Schurgers

Executive Producer: Dominic Beranacchi

Line Producer: Cliff Schumacher

Editor: Jerad Sloan / Nate Gray