Perceived Ripoffs or Convenient Doppelgangers?

By Matt Van Hoven 

We found the above ad in this month’s Road & Track, which mysteriously started showing up in our mailbox a few weeks ago. Ever-hungry to see how vehicle marketing has changed given fuel prices, we paged through it &#151 and were shocked to see the copy, “…doesn’t guzzle, but rather sips politely” on the ad you see above.

What? Did some copywriter not realize that he/she was piggybacking on Mini’s “Let’s Sip, Not Guzzle”??? If MG ran a campaign in 1962 that showed a picture of their “Midget” model, and ran the word “Poopy.” beneath it; well you get the picture. The point is, Mini’s been “sipping” since like 2002. This sucks, thanks for ruining my day.

Check out which car company was associated with the hacked copy, after the jump.

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