Pepsi, &Rosàs Know You Might Hate This Soda

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an odd one from &Rosàs, an indie agency based in Barcelona that’s known for “its capacity to differentiate its clients’ brands through the use of extraordinary communication concepts” (according to itself).

The ad promotes Bitter Kas, a PepsiCo product that’s popular in Europe and almost shares a typeface with Star Wars.

The agency (and, apparently, PepsiCo) understand that not all people will like Bitter Kas. And they’re OK with that:

The release tells us that the drink is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary, at which time it will “adorn Spain’s sunny bar terraces once again with its emblematic red” and “lead the leisure, day-time beverage market as the country’s preferred aperitif.”

The helpful copy also advises us to enjoy this bubbly beverage “with ice, an olive and a twist of orange, or mixed with drinks like gin, vodka, rum or vermouth with delicious and surprising results.”

Just like the ad’s characters, we’re not quite sure whether we would enjoy that–but we do know there’s no way Pepsi would run a stateside campaign daring consumers to hate its marquee product. If you just so happen to prefer the stuff, “don’t ask why. Fortunately, it’s not something you can choose.”

Europeans: they really don’t give a shit.