Patrick Stewart Voices Anomaly London’s Holiday Film About a Girl Who Accidentally Addresses Her Christmas Letter to Satan

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly London got some serious star power for the agency’s holiday video about a girl named Hope who addresses a letter to Satan instead of Santa.

Sir Patrick Stewart provides narration for the animated comedic tale of a misaddressed letter which would “changes the very face of Christmas.”

The only thing Hope wants for Christmas is a puppy, but her letter arrives in hell rather than the North Pole. There Satan has all the feels when he reads Hope’s kind words. This really shakes things up down in hell, leading to a chain of events that has quite the impact on Christmas Day. Think South Park meets The Nightmare Before Christmas and you sort of have the idea.

We’re not normally fans of agency holiday vanity projects, but Anomaly did something really out of the ordinary with this outlandish animated tale. It seems safe to say you won’t see anything quite like it from the batch of agency holiday stunts this year. Plus, who can resist Patrick Stewart?