Parents Get Feisty in New Microsoft Advert from CP+B, Roman Coppola

By Ella Riley-Adams 

In CP+B’s new Roman Coppola-directed spot for Microsoft, sweet children sing in asparagus suits while their parents frantically capture every moment using their iPhones and Androids. A brawl ensues, with parents fighting for the perfect panorama, jostling one another to avoid phone photobombing, and climbing into the ceiling pipes for the ideal aerial shot. Of course, the couple with a Nokia Lumia 1020 sits calmly in the back with their superior cameraphone, knowing they got a great photo of their daughter dressed as a carrot.

This spot is in line with Microsoft’s last video, “The Wedding,” where the same scene occurs, but at a church. Both ads end, “Don’t fight. Switch.” Considering photo sharing has become one of the most important parts of owning a phone, it’s not a bad idea. Ad-wise, this spot is a great portrait of modern day life. If only an unintelligible child vegetable chorus could always soundtrack petty adult hysteria.


Credits after the jump.

FORMAL CLIENT NAME:                                           Microsoft: Windows Phone

CAMPAIGN TITLE:                                                     Compete 2

EXECUTION TITLE:                                                   “The Recital”

AGENCY:                                                                     CP+B


EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR:                         Dan Donovan

CREATIVE DIRECTORS:                                            Dave Swartz, Dave Steinke

ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTORS:                       Paul Sincoff, Kyle Jones

ART DIRECTOR:                                                         Jeff Hunter

COPYWRITER:                                                           Aaron Cathey

INTEGRATED HEAD OF VIDEO:                               Chad Hopenwasser

EXECUTIVE INTEGRATED PRODUCER                   Sloan Schroeder

SENIOR INTEGRATED PRODDUCER:                      Laura Keseric

PRODUCTION COMPANY & CITY:                           Directors Bureau, Hollywood

DIRECTOR:                                                                 Roman Coppola

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (PRODUCTION CO):        Lisa Margulis, Elizabeth Minzes

PRODUCER (PRODUCTION CO):                             Francie Moore

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY:                               Chris Soos

POST PRODUCTION & CITY:                                           NO6LA, Santa Monica

VISUAL EFFECTS COMPANY & CITY:                      Method, Santa Monica

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/DESIGN:                           Robert Owens

PRODUCER:                                                               Ananda Reavis

EDITOR:                                                                     Jason McDonald

MUSIC COMPANY:                                                    JSM Music, Inc.

JR. MUSIC PRODUCER:                                             Chip Herter

ARRANGER:                                                                Joel Simon, Doug Katsaros

SOUND DESIGN COMPANY & CITY:                           Henry Boy, Brooklyn

SOUND DESIGNER:                                                   Matthew Hedge