Paralyzed Surfer Experiences Thrill of Riding Waves Thanks to Reef, McCann

By Kiran Aditham 

Though his surfing career was cut short when he was 18 due to an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Nicolas Gallegos got to escape the confines of his wheelchair and experience the feeling of being on a board once again thanks to Argentinean surfing champ, Martin Passeri.

In a new four-minute film from McCann Buenos Aires and surfing apparel brand Reef, Passeri essentially sacrifices his shot at a sixth Argentina National Surf title by letting his pal Gallegos ride shotgun in a sense and feel something he hasn’t felt in the 20 years since his accident. It’s a somewhat touching human interest story that should surely stoke surfing aficionados and novices alike. Regarding his noble, kindhearted move, Reef Pro Team star Passeri says, “Surfing is sharing the experience of something that has no explanation to it. When you share it, when you can really carry the other person, and see the same smile that you get when you slide over the wave, that’s a new wave. The euphoria we both felt on the board was awesome.” In turn, the pair’s adventure echoes the campaign’s simple sentiment: “Life’s short. Go surfing.”


AGENCY: McCann Buenos Aires
General Creative Director: Chavo D’Emilio
Creative Directors: Ezequiel Rocino, Pablo Miñarro
Editor: Ezequiel Rocino
Art Director: Pablo Miñarro
Head of Agency Production: Federico Salday
Account Director: Victoria Ortelli
Producer: Mundo Zero
Director: Axel Elizondo, Mateo Rojas
Executive Producer: Nicolas Nervi
Producer: Germán Bertasio
Head of Production:Pablo Suarez Buyo
Photography Director: Germán Vilche
Editor: Maximiliano Blanco
Post Production: Mundo Zero
Song: Indigo Musica Y Sonido – Gravedad Zero
Soundtrack: Mundo Zero
Responsible for Client: Alejandro Azpiazu