Panay Films Takes Different Approach in Campaign Highlighting Emotional Moments for T-Mobile

By Erik Oster 

Panay Films launched a new campaign for T-Mobile marking a different approach for the brand.

The agency created a series of ads featuring real footage from T-Mobile customers, demonstrating the role the brand plays in emotional moments and how we all carry a device around with us that tells a story about ourselves, an approach that advances the “Are You With Us?” brand positioning T-Mobile recently introduced.

T-Mobile CMO Nick Drake explained that the campaign also marked a departure from the typical brief process.

“It started when Andrew Panay and Brian Klugman called me and asked a simple question about what makes T-Mobile so special. The discussion became more about the moments we share – the incredible culture at our company, how our customers love the experience of being a member of T-Mobile, and the universal truths of the human experience,” Drake told AgencySpy. “What became clear is that T-Mobile is a brand for all of us and has the privilege of playing an incredible role in the lives of our customers, in the moments that matter,” an insight Panay and Klugman crafted the campaign around.

The campaign debuted last Sunday with three spots applying the approach to a family vacation, t-ball game and “Super Dad” who brought his son’s superhero costume design to life.

“This is a different way to tell a story. The phone is an emotional tool and a lot of people seem to have forgotten that. Our phones connect us, help make our imaginations and dreams become reality and bridge gaps with those we love. What I love about these ads is that they don’t feel pristine and perfect. We told human stories both big and small. The ads are funny, emotional and relatable,” Drake said.

“I think there’s a desire and need in America for positive messages that we can all relate to. With this campaign, we wanted to show human stories of special moments that are enabled and enhanced by wireless coverage whether that happens on vacation, on the t-ball field or at home,” he added.

Drake clarified that the brand’s work with Panay Films has no impact on its relationship with Publicis, which is currently working on T-Mobile’s holiday campaign.