P.M. Dawn’s Doc G, David Bruce ‘Hold the Crown’ for HTC

By Erik Oster 

Doc G of P.M. Dawn fame appears alongside HTC America Senior Marketing Manager David Bruce in a new rap video for the brand declaring the HTC One as the “greatest smart phone ever created.”

Thankfully, Bruce limits his role in “Hold the Crown” to that of silent hype man, leaving all the rhyming to Doc G. How you feel about the spot’s over-the-top self-satire will depend largely on your tolerance for the (perhaps a bit overused) parody rap video trope in advertising. Still, HTC stands out from the pack by hiring a real rapper and hitting the right balance of self-satire and promotion. Doc G and Bruce even manage to work in plugs for the phone’s extreme power saving mode, gorilla glass and “boom sound.”

The ad was created entirely in-house.