Our Partial Advertising Week Schedule

By Matt Van Hoven 

The week is under way and we’re attending as much as we possibly can, focusing on what we think will be interesting enough to keep us awake. This is in no way the full list, but it’s enough to get us started on the whirlwind week of reporting and then scouring for WiFi. So far, Boingo wins. And now, the schedule.

Kiran and I haven’t fully figured this thing out, but here’s what we know for sure:

1. Toward a bill of rights for online advertisers
2. Adv. Week leadership conf.
3. Google: Experiments in digital creativity
4. Opening Gala

1. IAB MIXX Conference & Expo 2009
2. MediaPost Online All Stars
3. YouTube Battle of the Ad Bands
4. IAB Mixx Awards Gala
5. Social Media Society Launch Party

1. Adv. Week Climate Change Symposium
2. Social Media Social Change
3. Business Week global CEO panel
4. Social networking 2.0
5. The New Age of Advertising (Attendance TBD)

1. EA: It’s Your Move. Get In the Game.
2. The Big Ad Gig
3. Just For Laughs: Great Online Advertising

Tell us what you think is worth attending (or not) in the comments!

Note: Kiran and I will be splitting up the events, so be sure to send all emails this week to both of us. agencyspy at gmail dot com and ladspastik at gmail dot com.

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