Our Global Food Service Enterprise Is Totally Down For Your Awesome Subculture

By SuperSpy 

That’s not our headline. That’s from The Onion. However, it fits as Taco Bell and DraftFCB seem to like what the kids are doing these days.

We previewed Taco Bell’s stinker of a Super Bowl ad yesterday, and now tips are flying in from across the far reaches of the globe. Well, the Midwest anyway.

It’s true that everyone’s out there right now trying to figure out how to make a campaign that catches on with “the kids on the world wide web.” You can imagine the brainstorm: How do we get a little YouTube chatter going, a little home made tribute action? How do we get this to go viral?

Well Taco Bell’s way ahead of you, Alex Bogusky. You don’t wait for those tech-savvy urban tastemakers to remake your idea… YOU remake THEIRS! Taco Bell is the midst of testing a fresh new campaign where kids roll up to drive thru windows with a camera in the passenger side, a beatboxer in back, and a rapper in the front, confusing the lady in the speaker. Sound familiar? Damn, you must have looked at the internet last year. These things have been all over YouTube since at least 2006. We’ve seen them remade, and parodied, and now it seems we have the first example of a Global Food Service Enterprise actually stealing ideas directly from an Awesome Subculture for a broadcast spot. At least we think. You’ll let us know in the comments section if really this first, right?

Riddle us this – why not hire the actual kids? Why not get some fan pages, contests, and cult followings going for the “actors”, instead of the possible bad press from just making a glossy-film version of something that had actual appeal? Be on the look-out for these new spots. We’re guessing – April? Ah, Draft. Draft… Sigh.