Oreo Launches Timely ‘#OreoEclipse’ Effort

By Erik Oster 

Media agency PHD and out of home company Talon collaborated to conceive and plan a campaign for Oreo timed to coincide with today’s solar eclipse.

Entitled “#OreoEclipse,” the campaign includes the “first-ever translucent cover wrap” for The Sun (pictured below), designed to mimic the effect of an eclipse on the paper. The brand will also appear in two eclipse-themed print ads in the paper itself, created, along with the cover, by FCB Inferno and content agency Drum.

Other initiatives include a digital outdoor effort in London and Edinburgh that uses Royal Astronomical Society data to mimic the path of the sun and create an “OreoEclipse.” Video from the outdoor effort (above) ends with the message, “You won’t have to wait 11 years for the next one.”

“We want Oreo to be an even more iconic brand in the UK,” Jonathan Holden, Oreo marketing manager, told The Drum. “Playfully putting it at the centre of a moment where the whole country will be looking in the same direction makes this idea the perfect fit with that ambition.”

Sun oreoclipse