Opperman Weiss Launches Ad for Bombay Sapphire

By Erik Oster 

New York-based agency Opperman Weiss worked with RSA Films and director Laurence Dunmore to create a new spot for Bombay Sapphire entitled “Sublime.”

The ad, a two-minute version of which already launched in UK cinemas, made its broadcast debut today. It focuses on the many botanicals used to create Bombay Sapphire and the exotic locations they are sourced from. An image from the bottle celebrating the coriander seeds from Morocco, for example, is superimposed on footage from that country.

Cubeb berries from Java, cassia bark from Indo-China, grains of paradise from West Africa are also celebrated with visually striking images representing those locations, followed by a voiceover declaring how the spirit is “Vapour infused with beautiful botanicals from the ends of the Earth.” While it comes across as a bit over-the-top at times (it is a booze commercial, after all), “Sublime” functions as some pretty pleasant eye-candy while also giving some personality to the brand and the ingredients it uses. Given the cinematic nature of “Sublime” the decision to run it in cinemas before broadcast (certainly an unusual approach to launching a campaign), makes perfect sense.