Opera, Hip Hop and Justin Tucker Collide in Latest Spot for Dr. Pepper

By Erik Oster 

Justin Tucker is one impressive dude, even if his flow is kind of weak.

Code and Theory’s “/1 One of a Kind” campaign for Dr. Pepper spotlights real die-hard Dr. Pepper fans with unique talents. One of those fans happens to be Justin Tucker, the undrafted, rookie, free-agent who helped the Ravens clinch the 2012 Super Bowl and bring some much-needed positivity to Charm City.

What you probably didn’t know about Justin Tucker is that he’s an opera aficionado, and a pretty passable opera singer at that. (Says someone who knows next to nothing about opera.) In the spot he can be seen belting out Mozart’s Don Giovanni at Baltimore’s historic Hippodrome Theatre. He also kicks a really nice field goal into the upper level seats. According to the spot, he can sing opera in seven different languages. Pretty impressive stuff.

Tucker also experiments with making beats — although we don’t actually hear any in the spot — and freestyle raps about Dr. Pepper in his car. His flow is kind of weak sauce, but still probably among the best for NFL kickers. The spot begins to drag a bit toward the end when Tucker explains himself how being a “beat-making, opera-signing, pro athlete” makes him one of a kind. I get that the one of a kind thing is what the campaign is all about, we just didn’t need to hear it from Tucker himself.