O’Neil Gets ‘UNREASONABLE’ in Global Effort

By Erik Oster 

O’Neil recently launched a new campaign entitled “UNREASONABLE,” which celebrates the brand’s “UNREASONABLE expectations since 1952” (along with equally unreasonable punctuation decisions), created in-house.

The spot opens on shots of crashing waves with the message “Reasonable says too cold…too high…too heavy,” before delivering unreasonable’s response: “See you out there.” From this point the ad plays like an extreme sports video, not limited to only surfing but also including snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing and more, ending with the “UNREASONABLE expectations since 1952” tagline.

“Today’s young adults don’t define themselves as just surfers, skiers or snowboarders anymore. They are interested in experiencing all that the world has to offer, explains Doug Perkul, chief marketing officer for O’Neill, in a statement. “They want it all and they want it now, which is totally UNREASONABLE in the very best sense of the word.”

The manifesto ad is just the beginning of the campaign, and will be followed by videos featuring the brand’s “top athletes within the worlds of surf and snow.” These videos will lead up to the “UNREASONABLE” film festival, which calls on top filmmakers to re-imagine the action sports video.