One New York Ad Exec Had a Rough Weekend

By Patrick Coffee 


In a very unfortunate “scoop,” The New York Post’s always-reliable Page Six reports that one New York-based executive apparently chose the wrong time to visit Bergdorf Goodman’s upscale restaurant on Fifth Avenue over the weekend.

Gossip queen Emily Smith does not tell us whether the executive is a regular at the $30 salad spot, but a few unnamed onlookers seem quite certain that he “staggered” into the bar on Saturday afternoon.

One of Smith’s witnesses claims that he “was bragging to strangers around him that he was in advertising” in a space packed with “a few top female media executives, shoppers and patrons arriving for the afternoon tea service” before a very early start got the best of him.

The executive got wind of the pending Post story on Sunday and asked Smith not to publish it, writing “I made a mistake, and I feel terrible.”

She declined.

(Pic via The Wall Street Journal)