One Month With GSD&M

By SuperSpy 

We just got a press release for GSD&M, so we decided to take a step back and look at what has been going on with the agency over the past month – a better perspective – considering the agency had a very rough 2007. In reverse chronoglical order via Google and various news wires:

Feb. 12, 2008 – GSD&M launches a new, pro-bono campaign to inform young Americans how easy it is to make the switch to energy-efficient lighting. The campaign, Unscrew America, encompasses TV, print, online media, viral videos and a website. Get more info here.

Feb. 8, 2008Tom Purves, president of BMW of North America, steps down from his role just as the company is preparing a new marketing campaign for its new 1-series, called “Year of the 1″ via GSD&M, Austin. Get more info here.

Feb. 5, 2008 – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have taken the apparent downward trend in outdoor activity seriously and partnered with the advertising agency GSD&M to create the “Life’s Better Outside” campaign to motivate urban Texans to spend more time outdoors with their children. This is another pro-bono job that follows up on their 2007 campaign called “Outdoor Family.” Get more info here.

Feb. 4, 2008 – Kohler is conducting a global media review. Creative is handled by Omnicom’s GSD&M Idea City, but is not in play. GSD&M does have its own media division, but will pitch for the business. Hmm… why not? Get more info here.

Feb. 4, 2008 – A new company called Score! Worldwide, which will provide clients with brand strategy, creative services, marketing and event planning, comes into existence. The partners behind the business are James Welsh, owner of James Welsh Creative, and Bryan Pettigrew, owner of Affinity Sports Marketing. James, once worked at GSD&M. It fits with the company’s image as a resource for talented ad folks. It’s like Crispin, but down South.

Jan. 23, 2008MasterCard announces it will air a brief drama during the first break on Sunday’s SAG Awards on the Turner networks. The spot called “The Auction” will run on both TNT and TBS. Leading up to the awards show, TNT and MasterCard will try to build anticipation for “The Auction” via on-air promos, a presence on and on TNT’s VOD offering. GSD&M’s Idea City handles MasterCard’s media account and spearheaded the deal. Get more info here.

Jan. 20, 2008Hillary Rodham Clinton reached out to long time friend at GSD&M, Roy Spence. “I’m more actively engaged on a daily basis for a while to make sure that Hillary’s heart gets communicated,” said Mr. Spence, whose friendship with the Clintons goes back three decades. Get more info here.

Jan. 20, 2008 – GSD&M takes on yet another pro-bono campaign. This time for Mike Dewey, who is offering $1 billion to the first person to find a cure for Breast Cancer. Get more info here.

Jan. 17, 2008 – GSD&M Idea City Chairman-CEO, Roy Spence, started his Walk Across America campaign last fall, with the plan to walk 22 miles a day, one month each year, over the next several years. AdAge covered the demise of his blog that chronicled his off-again-on-again journey. Get more info here.

Jan. 17, 2008 – More Roy Spence political news. “The voters will decide whether it happens, but Austinites Mark McKinnon and Roy Spence — longtime friends and mutual admirers — could be en route to a head-to-head battle of strategy and communications in the 2008 presidential race.” Get more info here.

Jan. 16, 2008 – GSD&M wins part of the AT&T business. Get more info here.


Seems like it was a heavy PR month for GSD&M with pro-bono work and the verbose, media hungry Roy Spence taking most of the bylines. TOTALS:

Account Wins: 1 (AT&T)

Pro-bono campaigns launched: 3 (Unscrew America, Wildlife, Breast Cancer)

Client mentions: 3 (BMW, Mastercard, Kohler)

Spin-off agencies mentions: 1

Mentions of the politically movin’ and shakin’ Spence: 3