One Hand Bites The Other: American Apparel

By SuperSpy 

American Apparel recently placed an order for 30,000 pounds of organically farmed, less-polluting cotton from California. The purchase was made in partnership with the Sustainable Cotton Project’s Cleaner Cotton campaign. Bully to American Apparel.

Meanwhile, Copyranter (yes, he’s still in business) pointed out this new “spread” for the company and asks the much needed question:


“Why don’t you just start an off-shoot amateur porn Website already?”

Totes. If CEO Dov Charney wants to go there, just do it. Don’t pussy foot around with this kind of BS.

Seriously, how can anyone focus on the sustainability efforts of the brand when the T&A is raising such nose that all else is obliterated?
And yeah, maybe Dov doesn’t give a crap whether anyone knows that the company is still sweatshop free and dealing in real environmental changes? He obviously doesn’t give two little poops about all the folks (both vagina and penis based) with his ad campaigns. Hell, his first quarter sales were pretty darn good. Damn those female chauvinist pigs!

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– American Apparel’s actual business practices are under attack by the WSJ and others. Check the comments for the company’s response.