OmniVirt Wants to Creep You Out in 3D for Paramount’s Pet Sematary

By Erik Oster 

Last summer, OmniVirt immersed viewers in the action of Mission Impossible: Fallout with a 360-degree trailer. Now OmniVirt is using 3D photo ads to hype the latest Stephen King adaptation, Paramount’s Pet Sematary.

The new ad format is certainly more eye-grabbing than the traditional banner ad (what isn’t?), and the novelty of the approach should help grab viewers attention ahead of the movie’s April 5 release. The nature of the movie in question also seems to make it a natural (supernatural?) fit.


“Pet Sematary is the perfect film for this new 3D Photo format,” OmniVirt CEO Brad Phaisan said in a statement. “The film is super scary, so having a banner ad that literally comes to life in 3D on your phone is a great way to pop off the screen and thrill an audience.”