Omnicom Wants You to Spend More on Digital

By Patrick Coffee 

money bagsThis won’t go over well. In a story we missed yesterday, Omnicom media operations CEO Daryl Simm told The Wall Street Journal that everyone needs to spend less money on TV spots and more money on…digital video.

This isn’t exactly a surprise. Simm argues that it’s just a way of re-framing the same old relationships:

“Online video ad spending is growing at a considerably faster pace than overall media budgets have been growing…So TV money is traveling to all of those other alternatives.”

And how large is the shift?

“We are counseling our clients to move between 10% to 25% of TV dollar to online video, depending on the target audience…A significant portion of the dollars are actually going back to TV owners for their online properties.”


“The amount of quality online video is still an issue…What does it mean for a brand to be associated with a particular piece of content? And what does that mean for the consideration of that brand by consumers?”

Despite all this, Simm says that “The desire for more measurement and accountability is getting higher and higher.”

His message to traditional ad folk: expect more of the things you don’t like.